Virtual Conferences

Before, During or After The Main Conference The connections formed by event attendees during a conference are undeniably one of the most valuable aspects of the event. Attendees highly prioritise a means to develop these connections before the meeting commences and to maintain them after it concludes. However, it is essential to acknowledge that event organisers are committed year-round to planning, promoting, and executing the leading conference. Therefore, they need more bandwidth, resources, or energy to produce multiple ongoing events before or after the conference.

Broader Reach

Expand your conference's impact without constant event planning, offering ongoing networking opportunities.


Facilitate limitless networking for attendees, presenters, partners, prospects, and sponsors.

Increased Sponsor ROI

Provide sponsors with a virtual-first way to connect, enhancing sponsorship packages and increasing ROI.

Foster Deeper Connections

Offer opportunities for more conversations and connections than in-person conferences.

Ease of Use

Host easy-to-organise virtual meetups for your community.

Uplift Your Brand

Deliver a terrific virtual networking experience, a superb substitute for in-person interactions.

Boost Participation

Engage your audience for idea generation through crowdsourcing during the event.

Attract More Presenters

Attract presenters by offering a unique platform for story-sharing and brand engagement in small group conversations.

Easy Opt-in Collection

Effortlessly collect opt-ins for event organisers and sponsors.

Content That Lasts

Create evergreen assets for ongoing marketing, Engagement, promotion, and lead generation efforts