Revolutionising Tpas England's Membership Offer

A Get Involved Network Success Story

Tpas England wanted a digital platform that allowed both Landlords and Tenants to engage with them and keep this conversation private with the respective groups. 

The Problem:

Post-COVID Tpas Chief Executive Jeny Osbourne MBE realised that Tpas England required a digital platform for its members to connect and share best practices.

The Solution:

Staff members and the developers at Tenants Hubs CIC met to develop the concept of online engagement and to design the services it could offer; the platform Tpas Connect was born. 

Tpas Connect Format:

Tpas England wanted multiple themed groups for focused interactions and conversations that shared best practices.
An activity feed that listed  Multi-themed groups for focused, private conversations

Activity feed highlighted groups the user was involved in. 

Weekly email highlighting that week’s conversations 

Shared Document folder

Users to make ‘connections’ with each other. 

Engagement tools that included Polls and Surveys. 

The Results:

In 2021, the platform went live, and 1,200 users are now connecting and sharing industry best practices.