Digital Engagement Tool for Advocacy Organisations

Progressive advocacy clients have successfully utilised Get Involved Network to raise awareness and engage with large, geographically dispersed communities of supporters, activists, teams, and other stakeholders to achieve their mission.

High Growth

Expand your supporter base effortlessly, irrespective of your team size or organisational budget.

Engaging and Memorable

Activate and deeply engage supporters on a large scale without requiring your team to lead every session.


Create Engagement that transcends time zones, geographic regions, and organisational structures.

Get More Supporters

Discover new supporters, convert latent or lapsed followers into active advocates, and engage current supporters in your organisation's cause.

Attract More Volunteers

Mobilise and train activists and volunteers without requiring additional personnel or resources.

Foster Deeper Connections

Create meaningful connections within your organisation's supporter network.

Global Reach

Bring people together worldwide, inspiring action through deep, meaningful conversations on topics they care passionately about.

Higher Action Rate

Achieve a more effective way to drive action than video meetings or conference calls, with a higher percentage of attendees reporting completion.

Move Up the Engagement Ladder

Transition supporters from petitions to significant commitments, encouraging lasting Engagement.

Drive Change

Foster a culture change or behavioural shift within your cause. Get Involved Network is your catalyst for transformative advocacy, one impactful conversation at a time.