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  • Another thing to consider if they have hit a fiber distribution box is whether you eating to much or, maybe not enough, and what you are eating. We all know that food is the fuel that our bodies run on. If your goal is to increase muscle mass and you have hit a plateau with your lifting then maybe you aren't getting enough calories for you body to be able to perform at its peak.

    You need to coach them on the need of sufficient calories to sustain there new cardio and weight training but low enough so that they actually shed pounds. Have them keep a food dairy for a week or two (which you should be doing anyway) and see where there calories are coming from.

    Are they eating enough protein? Are there to many carbohydrate calories and not enough vitamins and fiber from fresh vegetables/fruits in your diet? You cannot stress enough how important food is to there overall health and fitness.

    No one will be able to truly achieve their goals of fitness and or weight loss without some adjustments to their diet. They should be eating several small high protein high fiber meals daily. Drink plenty of water.

    When they exercise our bodies use a tremendous amount of Fiber Distribution Hub in the recuperation of our muscles in the form of perspiration. If we are not drinking enough water, our bodies will feel weak.
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    5/27/17 at 1:00 AM
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Fiber Distribution Hub in the recuperation of our muscles

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