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  • Significant Moments Photography is the right place for you if you find yourself wanting unique and fashion-forward portraits.   Play with kids during photo shoots to have awesome capture. Older kids can't wait for their siblings to arrive, before any rivalry sets in be sure to capture that excitement. They create each session unique for you.  When you are bursting at the seams during your pregnancy, they can understand not wanting to model for the camera. 

    Be ready to snap a ton of photos of whatever happens, encourage them to imagine and sing and dance and be silly. Using props for a maternity session should have a special meaning, and this is what is done at significant moments photography. An ultrasound picture, shoes, an onesie, block letters for the baby's name and a book, are the most common props for maternity pictures.  If they're having fun, the photos will radiate sweetness and joy.  Your success will depend on the mood of your pint-size model.  Have the patience to take lots and lots of images; you're bound to end up with a winner Professional photographer atlanta.

    Maternity photos are the proof of the amazing things your body is going through, they will also serve as precious keepsakes for your child one day.  The beach is a great location for basically any photo, including maternity shots, pretty, peaceful and romantic with dramatic colors. Soft images are best right around sunset.   The shots taken right as the sun was setting in front of the pregnant lady with a soft-lit sky, just looks awesome.   It really might be the perfect picture paired with that beautiful bump. At Significant moments photography, you can get the best team giving you many ideas to make the shoot awesome and memorable.

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