Begin with availing and installing an energy monitoring meter

  • You could also opt for installing the EnergySmart energy meter which allows you to monitor your electricity consumption. Microwave heating is advised for heating small portions of food.


    Begin with availing and installing an energy monitoring meter which records your meter readings and offers detailed consumption patterns as well. It would be great if you could lower individual radiators in occasionally used rooms while switch off radiators in rooms which are not at all used and save electricity. If you are truly cost Water Spray gun conscious and wish to lower your energy bills even further, China Tap Adaptors Manufacturers it is time you adapt to a whole bunch of energy saving habits. Reduce the heating system thermostat and reduce you electricity bill by up to 5% because for every degree you lower between 60 and 70 F. If you are a British Gas customer you could always approach them for availing energy efficient tips. Through the electricity meter reading you can easily understand which appliance uses how many electricity units and therefore adjust its use accordingly. Avoid leaving appliances such as TVs, music systems, videos, play stations etc in standby mode for they still consumer 90% of the power in that condition as well. Cleaning the condenser coils below the refrigerators freezer to remove the accumulated dust increases its efficiency by 25% Your refrigerator could be kept quite full but make sure you do not overload it as it will then consume extra energy.


     Switching over to energy efficient CFL bulbs and LED spotlights is another energy saving tip which you can afford to adapt. Always bear in mind most electrical appliances such as air conditioners, water heaters, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and refrigerators consume maximum electrical energy which means you have to use them in full capacity or nearly full capacity. This saves upon lot of energy and heats the food in shortest possible time. Always cover liquids when you store them in the refrigerator. By adapting these energy efficient tips, you can reduce your electricity consumption and lower you energy bills to a great extent. Using them below full capacity means you are increasing your electricity consumption to a great extent.


    It would be even better if you could go for an appliance which switches off the power after a certain period of being in stand by mode. Use sunlight to dry clothes which helps you to save a lot of electricity otherwise consumed by running a spin dryer or a tumble dryer Plan your cooking meals, so that you can take most advantage of a hot oven which reduces the energy spent on reheating oven a couple of times over during the day.You could always go for British Gas electricity offers and enjoy paying almost cheapest electricity tariffs.