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    Friction locking categories can be sub-divided into two groupings, brownish and non-metallic. The brownish abrasion locking antithesis usually has a adulterated thread which provides a prevailing torque; an archetype of this class is the "Philidas" nut. Non-metallic abrasion locking accessories accept artificial inserts which provides a thread locking function; an archetype getting the "Nyloc" nut.

    The actinic locking class are adhesives which ample the gaps amid the macho and changeable accoutrement and bandage them together; "Loctite" is an example. Such adhesives are now accessible in micro-encapsulated anatomy and can be pre-applied to the thread.

    Two of the a lot of accepted automated methods of threadlocking are the use of washers from Threaded Rod Company , and thread distortion. Although these methods can be melancholia for concise threadlocking, anaerobic threadlockers can board short-term, abiding and even abiding abbreviating if necessary.