The North Face windbreaker pass line

  • No exciting lightning goal after the opening, there is no stifling audience man-to-man defense, return to normal mode of the Red-Blue World War has shown a very anxious game pattern. The game went straight to the whirlwind away because of long-lost Amoe connection in the second half steep flanger, this grain seemingly some occasional goal in fact as early as Conte's plan to concentrate, Canter's comeback brought the chain Reaction, the Italians arranged for Bakako actively forward attack achieved the desired results. Both were classic at last year's two games, and both teams benefited from their respective victories. Stamford Bridge victory is the victory of the Straight Blues after the winning streak of the most heart-warming victory, the Blues take advantage of this victory in one fell swoop thrown Chase into the fast lane; Manchester United in the second leg of the old special The success of the revenge in the battle of Laford, combined with low key to man defense strategy to achieve a firm Mourinho rely on the efficiency of football to complete the season Chong off the conviction, which helped Manchester United in the final phase of the European Cup even Celtic Tower and A Jax, made the season's Champions League group tickets. The matchup, Manchester United and Chelsea want to get all three points in the opponent, the former reluctant to see Manchester City Derby opened before the noisy neighbors fell too far away, the latter did not want to just completed in the season 1 / 3 time to exit the title race. Despite the need to have a Champions League strong midweek conversation, both are elites in this game. Obviously both coaches hope to fight for a winning streak as much as possible before the start of the new round of international competition, and strive for a relatively relaxed public opinion environment for the next retreat adjustment. Of course, from a limited number of changes in personnel can be glimpsed both the military tactics of the campaign. David Louis and Rudig, who performed poorly at the Olympic Stadium in Rome, were punished, and the appearance of Klinstein and Cahill in the dark means that the Navy's defense does not have a front-mounted sweep and their attention will be focused on protecting the restricted area ; Canter back with Cesc Fabregas, Barca Joko partner lumbar, this combination has helped the Blues contribution to the Hell home Wanda metropolis, all of The North Face Store these indicate that Conti is the defensive as the primary task of the main battle. Manchester United's lineup is less space, more proficient in high pressure Rushford and Makhtaliang cruise around Lukaku, lack of ability is relatively lacking Mashale and Mata was left behind; weeks Ashley Young and Valencia, who are well-rested, will be the key to the race, with two full-backs needing to provide enough support to midfielders while completing defensive duties. The two sides have many similarities in formation and organizational patterns, and Mourinho and Conti reached consensus on using low-defensive densities to make defensive transitions and the efficient use of counterattacks. Of course, the two marshals also have their own killings, Chelsea's frontcourt blasting and midfielder interception ability, Manchester United's advantage lies in the physical advantage of the positioning ball offensive and defensive and air contention. In this match of patience, tenacity and fighting spirit, both sides are doing their utmost to limit the opponent, both are trying to avoid mistakes while patiently waiting for the opponent to make mistakes, Morata's goal is the concept product. Since the late last season, more and more teams (Premiership) have used Mirror 343 to limit Chelsea, and Mourinho has added a rare ancient defensive model based on Total Territorial Strategy (Herrera Mark Azar), to achieve the dual effect of system repression and key personnel control. Recently, despite the return of Ajar, but Canter's injury led to the Blues midfielder's creativity and technical content dropped significantly, the remaining three midfielders anyhow seems to be difficult to achieve the desired effect, two midfield Regardless of whether they actively participate in the attack or not, the system will weaken the forbidden zone on one side. The campaign once again with the Blues mirror dialogue, Mike Mussina's idea is to give priority to ensuring the backcourt defensive density, and then, like the week of Rome, using the Blues defense in the quick retreat in poorly organized weaknesses to fight back. Conti 343 formations have been able to achieve significant advantages against the four-guard formation, largely due to the vertical movement of the two wings in the two restricted areas near the manufacture of an advantage of one person, all the more mediocre quality Marcos Alonso is one of the biggest beneficiaries of this elastic style of play. However, this tactical bonus is less obvious given that the opponent also uses the Triple Defender formation, and the weakness at the foot of Marcos Alonso can easily make him one-on-one restricted by a speedy opponent. Manchester United campaign Although there are two strong assists in the assists in the second gate, but Valencia and Ashley Young's main job is against the child. In addition to trying to delay the promotion of the Blues forward and use two strong points to limit the Blues wing guard, Mourinho also rely on a targeted front-court oppressive system to split the Blues backcourt system . Like the last round against Tottenham, Manchester United's 3412 formation in the frontcourt form an inverted triangle station, the three players in the foreground is not concerned about the ball, but pay attention to the ball on the path and The North Face windbreaker pass line blockade, Two less well-behaved players Cahill and Marcos Alonso are in the area where the Red Devils are referring. Mkhitaryan appeared in the Blues waist, Rushford and Lukaku appear in the border and drag the center-back, in the ideal case, Manchester United rely on only three players can make the Blues field court Road The Quintet played very awkward. The complexity of Middle Road The North Face Store makes it easy for the Blues to abandon their plans to move forward from the middle and instead use long passes to attack or steer the ball toward narrow-field, high-profile sidewalks. The existence of Bailey can effectively limit the moratoria attack, Moses' absence means that the Blues sidewalk forcibly absent ability, the ball runs to the sidewalk is equivalent to the dead end, Marcos Alonso Need to rely on running to get around Valencia, Zappa Costa repeated attempts to bring the ball can not really throw off Ashley - Young. Because Makhita does not have the ability to pick up successive possessions in a densely populated area, the Red Devils use the transfer ball to attack from left-footed Ashley Young, after winning the ball right-handedly. Ashley - Yang in the win after trying to cut the ball to attract Azapili Quetta's defense, and then sent oblique to the restricted area, then the Blues restricted area will only Christensen and card Hill two center backs, striking three arrows Manchester United in front of the door will be a brief 3 to 2 chance. Rushford scored a close-range header in the eighth minute with an unmanned defense ahead of him, and Mourinho's opening-up tactics almost came to pass. In the absence of Kanter in six games, Chelsea's goal field have been perforated twice opponents, the French comeback to the Blues offensive and defensive overall improvement is immediate. This campaign, Canter's main contribution is to protect the second defense outside the restricted area low placement, as well as in the offensive defensive confrontation Rushford and Makhtaiang, limit the two fast break in the first The speed of time, for teammates to win back the time. One of the other benefits of Canter's outstanding performance in front of the defender is the complete liberation of Cesc Fabregas and Bakayo Co, the former in series behind Molata and Azar, who are completing the pick-and-transition mission After the positive front insert as "Shadow Front." Bakakoyko has been given many consecutive shots at this stage, however, but the French failed to finish the game due to the slower foot speed and ability to shoot and angle control. Seeing the opponent's meticulous planning of the side-line attack failed to deliver the desired results, Conti began to direct the team to rely on increasing the frequency of long-range offensives. In the United Front gradually shrink back circumstances, the Blues defender take turns using long links to Morata, the move can force the red line to further low to shrink, Chelsea can the formation before the pressure for more control of space. Blues failed to break the score at this stage, there are two reasons, one is Bailey Moratta man-mark more stringent, the second is the lack of adequate pick-up point within the restricted area. The fourth striker, Marcos Alonso, who assumed no ball in the 343 system for the post-enclave mission because of fears that fast-paced Rushford and Valencia seldom intervene in the box with their backspace, Bakayoko is clinging to capturing long-range opportunities near the top of the box, and Morata is isolated in the penalty area. Since opening the season, Chelsea average offsides (3.5 times) top positions in the league, Morata attack frequently in the offensive attempt to offside attack, "Almo Connection" has become one of the Blues main offensive tool. Nearly six games, the opponent's targeted defense squeezed the space of the Spanish center, Manchester United Line in the first half performance is the epitome of Moratta recently suffered a dilemma. The first half of the Blues gaining the upper hand in the easy side to strengthen the attack, Conti an important adjustment is to make full use of the width of the venue to mobilize opponents, to seize the Manchester United midfielder defensive width deficiencies deficit for Azpelie Quetta opened up the way forward and encouraged Azar and Bakayoko to intervene to attack Morata. In Morata break the deadlock goal, Bakiyayko still did not appear in the restricted area, but he actively marching forward in Azpeitui Kui while holding the ball attracted the attention of Smolin, Manchester United Dragging back between the defender and left half-defender exposed enough to play Morata air combat capability. Taking into account the difficulty of playing Stamford Bridge, Mourinho in the case of backwardness has changed since the beginning of the season the formation of the substitution strategy. Fellai recovered from injury to become the front high tower, Ma Cheer and Rushford following the final stages of Leicester following the same time appeared on the court again, suitable for chaotic Lin Jiade around the elderly looking for the first Two points. Just like the European Cup competition against Real Madrid, Manchester United, who failed to organize a decent ground attack in the first 60 minutes, quickly reversed the course of the game by relying on the Giants. Although they failed to make progress on the sidewalk, 45 degrees pass can create chaos. Of course, Conti, who has deep knowledge of defense, will not be easily knocked down. In addition to constantly put on the tall players to reinforce the restricted area, the Italians command players do not blindly back down to protect the restricted area, but actively denied Manchester United attack in the frontcourt advance. Compared with having a backfielder U-shaped system of 352 formation, United in the offensive phase of the 4231 formation of a backcountry point, Feilai Ni active retreat to help double lumbar but unfortunately suffered opponents repeatedly sack, His two clean sheets almost led to the defeat of De Gea goalkeeper again. In a sense, the Blues in 1-ball lead still do not give up high grab, on the one hand is to get a lot of their own chance to kill the game in advance, on the other hand, my wife deferred the Red Devils total attack time, Destroys the continuation of the offensive when the Red Devils launched a continuous air strike, relieving a lot of pressure for their own defense. Chaos Premier League gathered a number of tactical grounding in the mainland coach, in addition to the scout system, transfer operations, macro-tactical design play a role, the coach needs more tactical innovation to cover both ends of the offense and defense details to meet the increasingly heated The competitive environment, how to implement in a mature and stable structure of intensive testing of each coach's tactical skills. The fight against Tottenham at the red and blue fighting will be copied to the The North Face Jackets plan, lack of Plan B Mourinho apparently underestimated the defending champion when the competition difficulty. Defeat Stamford Bridge means that Jose Mourinho's team is still in the game continued to defeat a strong opponent can not win the embarrassing record, Manchester United last season because of the draw was too early and became four squad. This season, taking into account the city of Guardiola's careful adjustment already have a terrorist ability to grab points, Mourinho this more suitable for cup play efficiency play, or will lead the team in increasing emphasis on attack Competing league title war ahead of the team left behind.