Dortmund poor condition

  • Dortmund poor condition, the last round of the Champions League they were 1 to 1 draw by the Greeks. The last round of Bundesliga 1 to 2 loss to Stuttgart. The last seven Champions League and Bundesliga events, Dortmund 3 draws and 4 losses not win. Tottenham ranks first in the field of this challenge challenge, Dortmund must go all out to Cheap FIFA 18 Coins fight to defeat the opponent, it is possible to keep the hope of the cut in theory. Once the draw or loss, the Hornet Corps will be declared a round earlier.

    Tottenham last round in the key battle at home 3 to 1 victory over Real Madrid, currently ranking H group top position, and has been announced two advance advance. If the current round beat Dortmund, Tottenham will lock the group's first name. In the Premier League North London derby last weekend, Tottenham lost 0-2 to Arsenal, the result of Pochettino's team morale suffered some blow. This time expedition devil home Westphalia, Tottenham can retrieve the status of concern.

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