Spanish Football Federation Competition Commission announced

  • However, C Lo this season, the Champions League 10 goals are scored in the first half, when the second half of the situation when the poor, Atsuya often let him as a center, but this position is not suitable for the Portuguese. The second half when Juve change play guard, smaller space within the restricted area, C Luo difficult to Cheap FIFA 18 Coins grab the golf. The battle Real Madrid on the 7th half did not shoot the second half, the last foot shot or 41 minutes in the first half, only a small pass to Bell a little threat.

    Nearly 5 seasons, C Luo led his unit to break the Champions League semi-final every year, but this season is the fourth time he fell to the final door. Although Maradona said C Lo and Lionel Messi are the same level of superstars, but Carragher phrase "club level, Messi is the best in history" may be able to get more recognition. Such as C Lo 4 semi-final defeat, can break into the finals and won half, perhaps he will get higher rating. Of course, there is no assumption football field, C Luo can only strive to make a comeback next year.

    Spanish Football Federation Competition Commission announced that Real Madrid (data) coach Ancelotti was banned for two games, was punished because Ancelotti directed at the referee and the first assistant after the game against Valencia Applause of the referee.