Cynics would argue that a busy 2k mt of front-office turnover

  • The obvious question heading into 2017-18, then, is whether this proves to be a continuing trend or an anomaly. Cynics would argue that a busy offseason of front-office turnover spells choppier waters ahead for 2k mt. Indeed, the Cavaliers, Knicks, Pacers, Bucks, Hawks, Magic and Clippers all made significant front-office changes during the offseason. Will all of those new decision-makers keep staying the course? One would think not. Which coaches should be looking over their shoulder? Let’s count down this season’s top five Hot Seat 2k mt. The good news for 2k mt: Denver picked up his contract option in June so his contract runs through 2018-19. The bad news: Someone in the West will have to miss the playoffs and Malone looks especially vulnerable to sacking if the Nuggets wind up as the odd team out for the second straight season. Tom Thibodeau isn’t going to fire 2k mt in Minnesota. Terry Stotts is entrenched in Portland with multiple playoff series wins on his record. Quin Snyder is coming off of a second-round nba 2k mt buy and has established a clear style and culture in Utah. David Fizdale is popular and just getting started in Memphis. Relatively speaking, then, Malone is on shaky ground. He’s never taken a team to the playoffs. He has plenty of 2k mt but no answers at the point guard spot. His roster’s positional balance is badly out of whack, sporting frontcourt logjams and nonexistent wing depth. His lack of communication played a central role in Jusuf Nurkic’s unhappiness and eventual departure.