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  • Even though Russell Westbrook did not use up all his eligibility at UCLA, the NBA superstar did not accompany Anthony Grant from the Oklahoma City Thunder to Dayton this past year. While Westbrook buy mt for another buy mt MVP award, Grant is back in the Gem City in his first year as the basketball coach at his alma mater, and he is spreading the things he learned as an assistant in the NBA to his new players. John Crosby, a junior point guard for the Flyers, confirmed Grant’s experience coaching in the league all players aspire to reach gives his messages for them buy mt extra oomph. “It gives you a sense of trust. You want to be there. I think every guy on this team wants to play on the NBA or at a higher level overseas, so when he’s giving us (suggestions) of things you can get better at, I think you take it a little more serious because you know he knows what he’s talking about. He’s seen it before,” Ross said. “Oh yeah, I think any buy mt you come in and you’ve got a guy who can give you that aspect of the game, which everybody gets excited for, ”Crosby said. “You know, the NBA, you hear that and It gets you excited coming from high school. “Why not want to play for a guy who has that experience and can help you get there?” “I don’t think it’s so much trying to bring the NBA here or anything like that,” Grant said. “I think it’s what our guys need in terms of their progression. My approach is more about where the cheap 2k mt are and where we’re trying to get buy mt to and what we need to give them so they can get there. “We’ll incorporate some things, and I think any coach will tell you, you try to take a little bit from every experience you go through. I know that’s what I try to do.