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  • The Cavaliers and Celtics both buy mt like they may have some chinks in the armor at least early in the season, and there’s no guarantee that the new pieces mesh on either side. The Cavs have LeBron, but traded a major core piece for Isaiah Thomas, who may not be healthy. The Celtics got that major core piece, Kyrie Irving, and added Gordon Hayward to join Al Horford, but we have no idea how that buy mt works together, or really what their ceiling is. Both will probably be good enough to make the Finals, but there are no guarantees. The one buy mt chance that either or both of those situations goes full 2012-13 Lakers is enough, because the Raptors are ready to pounce. The Raptors know exactly who they are — they’ll slow the buy mt, bludgeon you with attacks at the rim, hit the shots your defense is programmed to allow, take care of the ball and force you into mistakes. In an ideal world, that’s a pretty solid solution against Boston or Cleveland, neither of whom will be able to rebound at the level Toronto can, and who will consistently find buy nba 2k18 vc account with DeRozan and Lowry driving to the rim, especially with Miles and an improved Norman Powell sitting beyond the 3-point line waiting to capitalize on a caved in defense that lacks an elite rim buy mt. That’s not to say the Raptors don’t have problems — their defense has been inconsistent over the years, and their offense has been unimaginative beyond Lowry and DeRozan, which gets less effective in the more “let them play” playoffs.