A few hundred officers were deployed at FUT 18 Coins points to

  • A few hundred officers were deployed at several FUT 18 Coins to coordinate seamless services to thousands of football fans. "In fact, we worked in unison across the state to provide seamless FUT 18 Coins. Since railway is yet to resume its full operation from north Bengal and the northeast, we deployed special buses to transport fans from far-off places," said a senior transport department FUT 18 Coins. The entire bus information for the World Cup was available on state government's transport app, Pathadisha. "For Fifa World Cup, we developed a separate tab where only Fifa-designated buses could be seen.This also enabled us to oversee the frequency, operation and hitches, if any," said WBTC managing director Narayan Swarup Nigam. "The interesting thing is that this tab is tailor-made to show our special services during any major social or cultural event," he added. With Colombia also without a point after one FUT 18 Coins, the Indian colts could well dream about somehow pulling off a win against them on Monday, which would keep them in contention to qualify for the next round. The hosts, who looked overawed by the occasion in their maiden FIFA outing, have no reason to show nerves against Colombia. But more than aiming for the cheap fifa 18 coins, the colts would like to repeat the FUT 18 Coins of "unity and endurance", which they displayed in abundance in their 0-3 loss to USA. Komal Thatal's brilliant artistry on the left wing along with Ninthoinganba Meetei's speed from the right was the highlight of the first outing. The team looked better after coach Luis Norton de Matos included Rahim Ali and Nongdamba Naorem after the first half.