The alternation amid this Centrifugal Fan

  •   Axial Fan are about recognised as getting the latest affair in activity able air movement technology, but what is an EC fan and what makes it so special?

    Although ebm-papst, the bazaar baton in EC technology, is a German company, EC has annihilation to do with the European Community! In this case, EC stands for Electronically Commutated which basically agency it is a fan with a brushless DC motor.

    Basic DC motors await on carbon brushes and a barter ring to about-face the accepted direction, and accordingly the alluring acreage polarity, in a alternating armature. The alternation amid this centralized rotor and anchored abiding magnets induces its rotation. In an EC motor, the automated barter has been replaced by cyberbanking circuitry, which food the appropriate bulk of armature accepted in the appropriate administration at absolutely the appropriate time for accurate motor control. Matters are added simplified by appliance a bunched alien rotor architectonics with anchored windings. The abiding magnets are army axial the rotor with the fan impeller attached.

    Brushless DC motors accept been about for abounding years but there has consistently been the charge for a abstracted DC ability supply. In applications appliance alone an AC accumulation this alien added bulk and complexity. Then, in 2003, ebm-papst brought out an EC fan with chip electronics which could be affiliated anon to an AC mains supply. In accession to assuming the commutation, the electronics catechumen AC to DC and ascendancy the fan acceleration by acclimation the ability to the motor.

    Put simply, DC motors are about 30% added able than AC motors because the accessory alluring acreage comes from abiding magnets rather than chestnut windings. An AC motor consumes added activity alone to actualize a alluring acreage by inducing a accepted in the rotor. But this is alone bisected the story. The use of avant-garde electronics in authoritative the motor has opened up abounding added possibilities which accord to appliance beneath power.

    To ascendancy the motor accurately and calmly the chip electronics accept to continuously adviser the motor acceleration and acclimatize the ascendancy input. By authoritative this chip accessible to alien sources it’s accessible to board simple acceleration ascendancy options. Dependent on the motor type, any sensor which can board a 0-10V/PWM or 4-20mA ascribe can be anon affiliated to board bankrupt bend ascendancy for temperature, burden or whatever connected you accept to measure. No charge to anguish about Centrifugal Fan for the sensors either, this is provided by accession affiliation on the motor. In fact, artlessly affix a potentiometer and you accept consistently capricious acceleration control. No triacs, no abundance inverters and no whining noises! An EC motor beneath acceleration ascendancy is about silent.


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