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  • 'i don't dress to please others'

    PALIN: I don't know, but I'm going to work boutique dresses for little girls harder on that, if anything ever happens in the future in terms of me running for office, to kind of put more women at ease, I guess, with the idea of me or any other woman serving in higher office. I think that it's really important because I truly believe that we have more in common than we have differences, when we want to make sure that our communities are healthy and safe and that we have health care for our children and that our daughters have equal opportunities in the workforce. All those things that we have in common, again, certainly outweigh the differences than perhaps we have..

    But if there had been a contest for the most elaborate costume, it'd go to Weston Monks. The 18 year old was head to toe Dumbledore, beard tied at just the right spot, hat perched just so atop a shock of white hair. And don't forget the wand. Jean and Palmer I'd never met them, and they were the kind of people who smoked and drank and had steak for breakfast and lived in a trailer. I stayed with them for three nights. They had no kids or grandkids, and so Jean and I became fast friends, and she'd send me polyester pants for my birthday for the rest of her life..

    But there's a new fragrance to promote. Stella McCartney POP is a sweet, youth orientated cocktail of sandalwood and tuberose 'a very unfashionable flower, but I like it for that. And it only releases its scent at night.' As a matter of fact, Alexander McQueen's creative director Sarah Burton, and one other major brand I can't currently reveal, have also availed themselves of tuberose in the past few months, for precisely the same reasons..

    Now I have to really take care of my skin. It could be because of the Mumbai weather and the kind of profession I am in. I make it a point to visit my dermatologist every two months. Q: I was reading about your life. You went from being an illegal immigrant to a celebrity. Was it hard to not let the fame and money go to your head? A: You know, when animals live with money or celebrities, they don't know they live with that.

    Darcy, Mrs. Austen/Mrs. Bennett, Rev. A. My family just loves being here. I enjoy being here. But before we go any further, before we tell you about Aly's lunch with Pauline Hanson, before we talk about her spat with ultra conservative federal Coalition MP George Christensen, we have to return to pivotal moments in her life, which helped forge who she is. To a primary school yard in 1975. To a Centrelink office in 1994.

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