Not long after the start of the fourth quarter

  • Not long after the start of Madden 18 Coins the fourth quarter, the Seahawks offensive team is constantly fouling led to face a first file 25 yards. As the Seahawks offensive front is actually wide open, two defensive players ripped the Seahawks pocket, chasing quarterback Russell - Wilson full run, Wilson was forced to back by nearly 10 yards. Seeing a successful sack is about to finish, and Russell - Wilson has long adapted to the Seahawks team shattered pockets, for such a huge pressure all kinds of flash moves, a long pass directly to find the number one external hand cell - Baldwin.

    The latter ran directly to the Cardinals front area after the ball 2 yards. Once again came to the Redhaw Seahawks team once again found their red zone killer Jimmy - Graham completed touchdowns, 22-10. As the Cardinals team behind too much, in the fourth gear can only choose 4 strong fight, veteran Larry Fitzgerald succeeded in catching the ball for the Cardinals team life. However, the next two fake handover directly to see the Seahawks team, in the first 15 yards of the Eagles had to choose again to play the first 4 files. But this time there is no luck again stand on the Cardinals side, the Hawks team started in situ attack, the basic lock the victory. Although the Cardinals scored a touchdown 28 minutes before the race by Andhra-Ehrington and then just returned from the Texans due to their physical exam, Er - Dawson's additional points, 22-16. In the end Dawans bad gambling kick completely ruined the opportunity to comeback.