Antonio - Brown apologized for his field gaffe

  • Antonio Brown, who took over the Baltimore Madden 18 Coins Ravens on Sunday, complained at the sidelines, but after the game he did not seem to be aware of his mistakes until the coach and the team Wei expressed his disappointment for him.
    US time Tuesday morning, Brown released a Twitter, "for my noise in the game and lead to teammates distracted and let us continue to keep our attention."
    Brown's dissatisfaction in the game was that he had a 64-yard long-distance open chances, but Ben Roethlisberger did not find him. So after the end he beat an ice bucket and also hit a passing coach of the palm of the hand, when a reporter asked him, Brown said it was their own passion, just as the children look forward to Christmas. After this and head coach Mike Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) expressed dissatisfaction with Brown, and a former teammate pointed out that Brown is a selfish player always put their own interests before the team.
    Brown is not the first player to be on the ground, but he needs to apologize for his actions. Do not forget the trouble he had caused in the locker room last season.