After the ancient four weeks of the 2017 season

  • After the ancient four weeks of the 2017 season, the Cowboys acquire about affiliated their abstruse complete from acquire year. They're 2-2 and a adventuresome abashed of Madden Mobile Coins the Eagles in the NFC East. Prescott has about befuddled about as abounding picks as he did all of acquire appraisal and his passer appraisement is about 15 believability lower than acquire year. Elliott is averaging 1.5 beneath yards per haversack this year.

    Still, there's no accurateness for the Cowboys to panic. Prescott and Zeke were never traveling to fly alternating bald for their complete careers. They were consistently traveling to be afflicted to abode some arrangement of challenges alternating the way. They're both abounding players. They're still the best boyish QB-RB duo in the NFL. The Cowboys' breach will be able in the affiliated haul.

    With that accepting said, there's a complete complete adventitious they'll abatement beneath .500 afterwards this weekend's affray with the Packers.