available bra patterns to see what it was like to sew a bra

  • Sewing halloween costumes outlet By The Book Good news on point two: I think my book solves this problem since I wrote it from a beginning bra maker's perspective. On point one, well, time will tell, though I have some ideas!

    It may seem to have been quiet around here lingerie manufacturer china but I do actually have a couple of very good reasons.

    First I have been hard at work on my upcoming book, "Demystifying underwear manufacturer china Bra Fitting and Construction". After a lot of work, the book is nearly ready and it will be released this April. If you want to be alerted when my book is available, you can head over here and add yourself to the email list.

    The second thing keeping me busy also has to do with the book. Over the last few weeks my book has undergone testing by an amazing group of sewists and as this lovely group was testing my book, so was I!

    To test my book I worked through a selection of commercially available bra patterns to see what it was like to sew a bra from a beginning bra maker's perspective. It was fun to work with some different styles but there were two main problems:

    1. Bra pattern instructions leave out a lot of important construction details. In some cases they make construction more difficult or just dont make sense. There is also a lot of missing information such as the fabric properties that the pattern was drafted for.

    2. A beginning bra maker would not know how to adjust the pattern to get a good fit or to how fill in the missing instructions to get a professional looking result.

    Now I truly understand why even intermediate to advanced sewists shy away from bra making.