Moyers: Pogba heart is not big, Headstrong is the United god

  •  Many United fans see Pogba as the future captain of the team, but sir Alex Ferguson's retired United first coach, David moyers, has doubts about the French ability to play in key matches.  The scot, who was sacked by United in April 2014 for his poor record, thinks Pogba is a good player, but it will take time for him to be a player who can decide the game.  fifa 18 Ps4 coins

     In an interview with ESPN football, moyers said he was not sure whether Pogba could eventually grow into a superstar like Ryan Giggs or cantona.  He said: " I think he is a top player, but I don't know if he will be the player who can change the whole team. ".  For many years, Manchester United have been a special, top player like cantona, even Ryan Giggs, and I don't know if Pogba will be a player like that.  ”

     " but I think the United team is starting to work and look at the players they have now, and you can see that they have made great progress, and I think the addition of Pogba has contributed to that.  I do think he is a good player, but I'm not sure if he can play a part in the key game.  ”

     Moyers signed off with his own handscheap fifa 18 coins

     Although the performance of Pogba has not been fully convinced, moyers has been raving about Marouane Fellaini's performance in Manchester United ( the scot brought Marouane Fellaini to Manchester United from Everton at £ 2,750 ).  

     Moyers said: " if you look at his performance before fan jiaer and now Mourinho's performance, you will find that he is a very important member of the team.  ”

     " Marouane Fellaini is a representative of modern football, and he covers a lot of aspects and is comprehensive.  When the team has no outstanding pass expert, he can also play a good passer;  He can also bring you goals, whether in the offensive or defensive end, his height can be a team to help.  These characteristics are what Manchester United lack, his addition has added to the team depth of the team.  ”