Fifa rankings: Brazil take Germany, the top Chinese team, 77th

  •  Yesterday, the FIFA official website announced the national team's August world ranking.  The biggest surprise for the season was the Brazilian team, because in the shiyusai south American zone qualifying tournament performance, Brazil has now reached the world's first place.  The excellent results of the Brazilian team, to a large extent, are Paulin ho's contribution, which is also a contribution to the Brazilian national team.  fifa 18 ps4 coins

     In addition to Brazil, the countries ranked 2nd to 10th are Germany, Argentina, Switzerland, Poland, Portugal, Chile, Colombia, Belgium and France.  The former traditional powers of Spain, Italy, England and other teams were squeezed out of the world.  The Dutch team is even worse, reduced to the 36th place in the world.  


     In the Asian side, Iran relies on the record of the world cup ahead of time, or the first Asian team, the world no 24.  Between 2 and 10 are Japan ( 44 ), Australia ( 45 ), south Korea ( 49 ), Saudi Arabia ( 59 ), Uzbekistan ( 64 ), UAE ( 74 ), China ( 77 ), Qatar ( 78 ) and Syria ( 80 ).  buy fifa 18 coins

     Although the Chinese men's football team is only possible to qualify for the 2018 FIFA world cup, it is still possible to press the same group of rivals, Qatar and Syria, in the world, hoping that the Chinese team will redouble their efforts in the remaining two games and strive for a better world ranking for the future development of the national team.