Spell it! Ronaldo left in the stadium after the title to play


     After real Madrid won the European super cup on Tuesday, there was a scene in the team: when most players were in the dressing room to celebrate the championship, two players were trained on the pitch with their physical trainer, pin - shaped.  The two players are Ronaldo and Lucas -.  cheap fifa 18 coins

     For United, Ronaldo and Vazquez were both in the second half and they were sweating because the pitch was dull and hot, but neither felt good enough because Ronaldo played only 10 minutes and Vazquez played only 20 minutes.  For this reason, they conducted additional training for 20 minutes under the direction of the physical trainer.  

     " Marca" said Ronaldo continued to prepare for the Spanish super cup, after returning to his return after the holiday, he only participated in the team three times, and only once was complete training.  He accelerated his training pace with a view to participating in the first leg of the Spanish super cup in the Nou camp with as good a state as possible.  fut 18 coins

     In Ronaldo's plan, the first leg of the Spanish super cup is his first game of the season, and he wants to test his status, and he is particularly interested in the Nou camp against Barcelona.  

     Of course, not on the pitch, the final decision to be made by zidane.  Before the European super cup, zidane said Ronaldo was ready to play, and in the Spanish super cup, he will be more likely to play than the ouchao cup, or even start.  

     Zidane showed his authority last season on Ronaldo's appearance.  He has removed Ronaldo several times from the list, and has included the Portuguese in a system of rotation.  In the European super cup, zidane made Ronaldo sit on the bench for the first time since January 7, 2015.  However, the benefits of rotation to Ronaldo are great, and last season, Ronaldo can still maintain a good physical condition because of zidane's rotation strategy.