The new season Christmas season exposes: riding a brave to lead

  •  Beijing time on August 11, according to the NBA official website, part of the 2017 - 18 season has been announced, including the high-profile Christmas war.  

     Christmas war is the centerpiece of the regular season in the NBA.  This year's Christmas war is more exciting, the day will be held five games, in turn:

     Knicks game against 76 people, the Cavaliers away challenge warriors, Celtics home to the wizards, rockets away challenge thunder, the Lakers host to the timberwolves.  nba mt coins

     The play of this year's Christmas war should be the Cavaliers away challenge warriors.  The two teams have joined the finals for three consecutive years.  Last season, the warriors beat the Cavaliers 4 - 1.  But the biggest variable now is whether Carey - Owen will be traded by the knight before the Christmas war.  nba 2k18 coins kaufen

     Another high-profile Christmas war is the rockets' away challenge of thunder.  This summer, the two teams introduced a superstar, the rockets made up of harden and Paul's dream back, and the thunder to find strong support for George.  cheapest mt

     The full schedule of the 2017 - 18 season has been identified and will be officially announced next week.