Strike hard! The alliance will provide the spurs with a rotati

  •  Beijing time on August 11, according to the USA today, in September, the NBA team's owners are expected to pass the rules on the rotation of players to reduce the number of healthy players in the NBA during the regular season.  

     It is reported that the new regulation is expected to be implemented from the 2017 - 18 season, and if the team does not comply with this requirement, they will face penalties.  nba 2k18 coins

     The alliance's move should satisfy fans and business partners.  

     The league was annoyed by the decision of a large number of stagger holidays players in the regular season last season, even in a nationally broadcast race.  Nba Commissioner Xiao Hua has publicly mentioned the phenomenon of shifts in the rest of the year, and says the alliance is looking for a solution.  virtual coins nba 2k18

     In addition, the rules on the rotation of players should include provisions for the rest of the health players in a nationally broadcast race.  nba 2k18 mt seller

     This week, the league's office issued a memo to the teams, the main content of which is to eliminate the phenomenon of rotation, the intensity of the new season will be significantly reduced.