The new upstart 5 star team let the warriors finals envy them a

  •  Beijing time of August 11, according to the " clutch points" reported that each team in the tournament has made a number of adjustments to the team, Minnesota timberwolves as a more active team, the team recently received the team player Kevin Durant's praise.  He thinks the timberwolves can arrange an all - star team.  

     The timberwolves first got Jimmy butler through the deal, though they sent Dunk king Zach and last year's rookie DUNN, but the all - star player has improved the timberwolves.  nba coins

     Even this year's NBA finals MVP, Durant, saw the Minnesota timberwolves dianzan, praised their operations, and was somewhat envious of the timberwolves's configuration.  

     " you can watch, from Jeff Pedicle to Carl Anthony Downs, which is an all - star team.  In Minnesota, five all - star players can play at the same time, and they are now very talented players.  They have Pedicle, Jimmy butler, Andrew Wiggins, who will play the no 4?  " said Durant.  2k18 coins

     Durant appeared to be a little hesitant when he talked about the timberwolves's fourth position.  Because the timberwolves signed Column Foot - Gibson this summer, the gur - dean, which has been used before the team, is not yet certain who will be the starter for the new season.  

     " o, Gibson, and then, Downs.  So, now a team has four all - star players, why not?  Why shouldn't you have?  This is what the fans have been trying to see.  They don't want to always see the players, or just one or two stars.  I want to see all of the best players.  This is Minnesota this summer.  Coach thibodeau has guts, I know he's going to do a career.  " finally, Durant said.  2k mt points

     In fact, Durant's comments on the Minnesota cast, but also for the warriors team to build a super - squad.  Durant signed up with the warriors after Durant became a free agent last summer, allowing them to set up four all - star teams in the same team.  Now the timberwolves all the way to get players, and also set up a super - squad.  But the Strength timberwolves, under the environment of the various star clusters, has not received much criticism.