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  •  Beijing time on August 11, John wall is going to be lucky?  According to the new York post, wal' r recently held a debate with the 2k game because his NBA 2k was too low, only to have the support of a famous adult actress.  The actress asked the 2k company staff to raise Mr wall's capacity, and she was willing to give her breast.  

     The ability values for NBA players in the NBA 2k game have been announced in recent days. naturally, people are happy to be upset. the Vaulx, who signed a 4 - year - old contract with the Washington wizards, was unhappy with their ability to score ( 90 ), arguing with Ronnie sing, head of marketing for the NBA 2 k game, even tweeted: " @ Ronnie 2k, you're a joke!  ”buy mt

     Mr wall's face was flushed, but an unexpected " ally" emerged, and she was an adult actress, mia Khalifa, 24 years old.  As a die-hard fan of professional sports in Washington, she immediately decided to stand up for her idol, asking NBA 2 k to raise Vaulx's capacity to 93, only 1 point lower than Stephen curry.  mt coins nba 2k18

     Local time on 8 this month, mia tweeted: " @ Ronnie 2k, come and compete with me, if I win, you have to increase the capacity of wal from 90 to 93. ".  ”

     In order to attract each other, mia is also straight out of a very tempting condition, " I can let you touch my chest. ".  ”2k mt buy

     In the face of temptation, sing is a " sitting pregnant" appearance, he replied bluntly: " the ability is more sacred than your stuff.  ”

     By the other side, mia is not discouraged, she tweeted again: " many 14 - year - old Brazilian boys will not agree with you.  My chest is yours, please turn up the value.  ”

     The fans teasing: " see mia so daring to die, it seems that she is true love to wal' r!  ”