Ronaldo came off for the first time in two years! Real Madrid

  •  Real Madrid's 2 - 1 win over Manchester United is the first time Ronaldo has played as a substitute for more than two years.  fifa 18 ps4 coins

     Since Portugal joined the confederations cup this summer, Ronaldo did not resume training until a few days ago, and he also missed all real Madrid's pre-season games this summer.  

     And Manchester United's European super cup, the first game after Ronaldo's return to the club.  The Portuguese replaced Karim Benzema in the 82nd minute, looking for a new season for the new season.  buy fifa 18 coins

     According to the aspen, Ronaldo was ruled out on the first side of the team on January 7, 2015, when he was coach Carlo Ancelotti.  It was the Copa del Rey with Atletico Madrid in the final, Ronaldo replaced j Luo in the 63rd minute, but the team lost 0 - 2.  

     The new season will be Ronaldo's ninth season for real Madrid, with only 14 out of 397 appearances for the team, with only two out of the squad.  

     Zidane has never been a substitute in the previous game since he took office.  However, due to the participation in the confederations cup this summer, Ronaldo's holiday was extended, which was a precedent.  

     Mourinho has made Ronaldo the most frequent substitute for Ronaldo's former real Madrid coach.  Ronaldo has been on the bench for five times during his tenure at real Madrid.