james, another record, was ended by Durant, a 7 - year - old ba

  •  Beijing time on August 10, the famous basketball game " NBA 2k 18" game players ability values are gradually announced, 2k official in social media announced that in the 2k 18 will have two initial capacity to reach the highest 96.  This also means that after seven consecutive years of exclusive initial capacity, LeBron James is sure to remain at the top of the list.  nba mt coins

     Today, 2k official said on social media that the initial capacity of four players in the 2k is 95 +, and also directly indicates that two players are 95 and the other two are 96.  In addition to the published Durant for 96, who is the number who shares the top of the list with him?  nbamtcoins legit

     It is worth mentioning that regardless of the other ability to reach 96 players who, for seven consecutive years of the top of the top James to determine the exclusive title to continue to the top.  From 2k 11 - 17, James has topped the game's initial ability for seven consecutive years.  From the current news summary, even in the 2k 18, James can achieve the highest 96 score, can only be shared with Durant share the top.  nba mt points

     Durant scored 96 in 2k with the horror of the playoffs and finals last season.  Durant, who now has more than James, is now one of the top players in 2k, and is a