Leave James = no champion at all? Owen's choice, however, was

  •  Beijing time on August 10, according to the " open bleachers" report, former NBA player Gil baud - Gilbert arenas talked about the Carey - Owen, about his request to be traded events, Gilbert arenas gave their views.  He thought Owen would be hard to win the championship after leaving LeBron James.  But he can understand why Owen did so.  nba coins

     Last month, Brian Wind, a us basketball correspondent, broke the news that Owen had filed an unsolicited deal with the team because he did not want to continue to play under the shadow of James.  Gilbert arenas soon learned of the news, and recently he has published his own views on the incident.  

     Gilbert arenas believes that James and Owen belong to different types of players, and that there is a gap in the understanding of basketball in their minds.  James wants more championship rings, but Owen is like alpha dog, looking for a stage where he can cast his talent.  nba 2k18 buy mt

     " Owen is very good, but there is a great player around him, and it is difficult for everyone to focus on him.  Owen now has a championship deadline for his career, and he needs to consider proving himself.  " Gilbert said in an interview with Gilbert arenas.  mt points for sale

     After Owen left James, he could go to a team of his own, where he could create a new world.  But Gilbert arenas believes that if Owen leaves James, it is difficult for him to win another championship.  

     " Owen has a championship, and what he has left is to prove himself to the world.  He is still young, hoping not to depend on others.  But James is not so, he does not think that continuous high score is the key, he just want to win, to win the goal.  " said Gilbert arenas.  

     In fact, Gilbert arenas analysis is very reasonable, James once played with Gilbert arenas, the latter is very aware of James.  Ouwenzheng is in the rise of his career, just as Gilbert arenas led the wizards on a solo journey, he can experience the urgency of Owen's personal glory.