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  •  Beijing time on August 10, according to us media reports, the Brooklyn nets team this summer's control of angelo Luo - Russell played a Streetball game in new York, and dropped the winner.  2k mt

     At the end of the game, Russell began dribbling the ball from the back, as it was a chance to win the game, and the audience was very excited.  They stood up and a little closer and even poured into the stadium.  

     Russell looked Do not panic, he dribbled slowly to the front court, in the center circle, he continued to do several crossovers on the ball.  


     On the left side 45 degrees three points, Russell slightly dribble adjustment, then direct shot three points, the result ball hollow into the net, he completed the winner.  nba 2k18 coins buy

     At this point, the entire stadium was boiling, the audience cheered and rushed to the stadium to celebrate the victory for Russell.  

     Russell is the 2015 NBA pick, and was chosen by the Lakers.  In the summer league last summer, Russell also had a Lore shot.  He is a strong point guard, the psychological quality is very good.  cheap nba 2k coins

     This summer, Russell was traded to the nets, and he is also seen as the future of the reconstruction of the nets.