Morey said he will not renew the contract to protect Luo Ming s

  •  On August 9, Beijing time, according to the score, the Houston rockets general manager Daryl Morey said he had talked to Chris - Paul in - depth, but before the 2018 break, they would not sign up with Paul in advance.  Morey revealed that raki foon Houston and Houston rockets, hoping to stay.  nba coins

     Just before making a decision about the future of the team, the rockets are ready to wait and see.  

     Morey said recently that the rockets have been talking to Paul about him as a free agent next year, but they will not make any decision until the 2018 break.  

     " we have a deep conversation ( about Paul's future and him )," Morey said in an interview with the sports illustrated Ben - Gerry. " ( Paul ) is hoping to stay in Houston.  He likes rockets, the team and the city.  As for signing a long contract with him, we can't decide until next year.  ”nba 2k18 buy mt

     Although Paul's personal capacity is beyond doubt, the rockets still want to see how he and James harden teamed up, and whether he is fit for Mike d in the east's offensive system, or they will not be able to take long.  mt points for sale

     At the end of June, Paul chose to continue with the $ 2460 player option for the next season and was sent to the rockets.  It remains to be seen how the rockets will contract the 33 - year - old when he is off next year.