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  •    recently little Thomas received an interview with his wish, hoping to stay in Boston for many years.  buy mt

     After the pain of the king and the suns, Thomas came to the Celtics and created a world of his own.  Today, the Celtics, through the Hugh trading and operations, have consolidated themselves in the east side, and become a team with a competitive championship.  

     Although Gordon Hayward has joined the Celtics this year, the green management needs to consider that Thomas will become an unrestricted free agent next year.  Little Thomas is an important contract extension for the Celtics, who last season was called the " last minor detail ", and many times at the critical moment for Celtic.  

     According to American basketball correspondent Adam Kaufman, Thomas is still inclined to renew his contract with the Celtics next year.  mt for sale nba 2k18

     " Boston knows where I belong.  I prefer to return here, I prefer to stay here for many years.  " Thomas said in an interview.  

     The Celtics, in addition to signing up for Hayward this summer, got Jason - Tartu through the draft.  Plus the Cavaliers who had previously kept the Celtics in competition with the Celtics, the current team Owen has asked for a deal, and his whereabouts have been unclear.  This allows the Celtics of the next season to see the hope of breaking out of the east.  nba 2k18 ps4 coins

     Now Thomas's contract is still signed at the king's four - year - old 2,700, and next year, if the Celtics are willing to open a pay contract, Thomas is expected to receive a five-year contract worth about $ 1.79.