Exposure to Paris is also a huge purchase! Howe smashed the to

  •  After Howe, the Strength Paris seems to have nothing to stop, and Paris wants to sign a powerful partner for Neymar.  Now the target has emerged, one of them is Liverpool thigh - cuti gni!  fifa 18 Ps4 coins

     Paris st germain plans to make another big deal before the transfer window closes on August 31, according to the Paris man on Monday.  It is estimated that cuti gni, who is currently in the market, may be worth around 100 million pounds, and if cuti gni is a successful transfer, then bus will make it again after Neymar.  

     Paris is to buy a strength partner for Neymar

     It is well known that the relationship between library and Neymar is very close.  Neymar has told his new club that he wants to create glory for the club with cuti gni, which will play a role in the transfer of Liverpool stars from the premier league to Ligue 1.  cheap fifa 18 coins

     It is worth mentioning that Paris saint germain, after spending 1.96 million to buy Neymar, also decided to avoid uefa's financial fair competition principle, that is, they will sell some of the existing stars, to make up for the next big transfer of funds.  The daily mail revealed that Paris is ready to sell tiv, and that he is worth about 70m.  In addition, Ma Tu, Marie and others may also be sold for money.