Zidane: Ronaldo is ready to play. he's in a very good state

  •  Before the start of the European super cup, real Madrid coach zinedine zidane zidane said that the club star Ronaldo's fitness is as good as the champions league final, and it is important that he remains in the squad.  

     Last season's champions league final, real Madrid 4 - 1 victory over juventus to defend their title.  Ronaldo opened the scoring for the team in that game and scored a third goal, achieving a second goal.  fifa 18 ps4 coins

     " he's relaxed right now," zidane told reporters at a pre-match press conference.  " what impressed me most is that he is now in the same fitness as the champions league final, which is where I am interested, his physical condition.  ”

     " Ronaldo is with us, which is of great significance.  This shows that he is ready to play, but we have to see if he really can play.  ”

     There are still rumours about the transfer of Hubert, but in the face of such a problem, zidane has chosen to avoid it.  buy fifa 18 coins

     " the player is good now, and it's important," zidane continued.  " he has been training this summer, and it was not easy at the end of last season because he was injured.  I'm interested in what we do in Tuesday's game.  ”

     There is a debate about how real Madrid will use the formation, whether it will be 4 - 4 - 2 or 4 - 3 - 3.  Zidane also talked about the subject at a press conference.  

     " we will use different formations, just as usual.  On this issue, we will stick to this strategy, " zidane added.