President of real Madrid: never sell Ronaldo, someone to buy go

  •  La Gazzetta dello sport reports that real Madrid president mr.florent Perez is on holiday on the Italian island of angstrom and about the sale of Ronaldo, the galeries lafayette lafayette said.  ”cheap fifa 18 coins

     After leaving a 30 - metre - long yacht to the coast, the president of real Madrid was recognized by some islanders and tourists, who immediately asked mr.florent whether Ronaldo would be sold to Paris after his transfer to Paris.  fut 18 coins

     Mr.florent replied very simply: " absolutely not, even if someone buys gold and doesn't sell. ".  Only the top players can bring huge income to the team, according to KPMG's statistics for the 2017 club income, our income is second.  Real Madrid's business is worth three billion euros.  ”