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  •   The Lakers believe they are looking for a future star in the the second prize check, and the summer league MVP trophy has proved their choice.  

     Of course, to really climb the top of the basketball world, the talent is not enough.  He also needs to constantly study hard, and steadily promote himself to move forward.  Fortunately, at present, Bauer has no problem in this respect.  Taheyibangduiyoumenzhengridouhuipaozaihurenxunlianguannei, erju《 spectrum sports  nba mt coins

     Handkerchief wrote: " contribute to - Bauer's serious work attitude, sense of responsibility and humility left a deep impression on his teammates.  One Laker said to me,' you'll like to stay with him.  ""nba 2k18 coins ps4

     The Lakers hope that Bauer will help the team rebuild and regain the glory of the past, although it is a heavy hope, but so far, Bauer has not been disappointed.  Although no one has a fever thirst for success like Kobe Bryant, the Lakers can at least ask for a good job.  nbamtcoins legit

     Bauer is not the only one.  The 2016 the second prize Brandon - ingram has a lot of sparkle at the end of the season, and the Lakers hope he can make a lot of progress.  In addition, the Lakers have the same high expectations for Julius Randall and Jordan Clarkson, especially for the year of contract Randall.  

     If bower can show the kind of influence that the Lakers would have, and with subtle passes to make the team a notch, then wait until the regular season 2017 - 18 officially kicks off in October, and no one knows what the Lakers will look like.