5 years of the hottest rookie! Ball is as hot as the total adv

  •  Reporter xuerong reports that the NBA's Hugh season could be described as " crazy" this summer, with butler, George's deal and Owen's request to leave the Cavaliers made headlines.  At the same time, the Lakers the second prize show " ball brother" has also kept a stable high exposure rate, more incredible, according to statistics, he is the top five overall topic in the last five years.  nba 2k18 coins

     According to the mainstream media reference data, from local time may 1 to July 30, nearly three months, Bauer's media reference index reached 702.  Of all five picks in the top five in the past five years, " ball" in the same period of the mainstream media mentioned that the index is the highest, ranked second in the number one scholar this year, Show tz, but his index of only 436, large backward ball.  The rookie of the year's third is the Celtics tertius, whose mainstream media mention the index is 211.  That is, Bauer's topic is even more than the sum of @ and Tartu.  nba 2k buy mt

     In nearly five years, the number one scholar in 2013, Bennett in the draft for three months before and after the mainstream media reference to 145, the number one scholar in 2014 Wiggins to 381, the number of Zhuangyuan towns in 2015 and 2016 in 2016 are 302 and 342, respectively, it is obvious that they are very far from the baoerdou in this data.  2kmt coins

     As a rookie, why does Bauer have such a high degree of topic and exposure?  

     First, he can't leave his big mouth, his father, Laval Bauer.  On the sidelines, " ball dad" everywhere, from Jordan, magic to James and curry, the famous star has been shot by him, has become the object of his RUB.  In addition, before he launched his own brand of shoes, and the three sports brands higher than the world's sports shoes pricing jump grabbed the headlines, a wave of success has been a wave of heat.  The talk of old Bauer, naturally, makes people think of his son Long, which increases the topic and exposure of Long.  

     Second, the Lakers are the league's golden signature, fans all over the world, and los Angeles, one of the most prosperous cities in the United States, further increasing the exposure of Long, compared to @ and Boston in Philadelphia, Bauer has a unique advantage, which is one of the reasons why veteran Bauer was thinking of his son joining the Lakers.  And, in the summer league, Bauer also played well, not only twice with the double - double, but also by winning the first summer league title in the team, and by playing with the MVP of the summer league, which also made him a popular choice for the rookie of the season.  

     Bauer's topic and exposure have improved, but with the Lakers' new management, headed by magician and PE, the most pressing goal is to improve the team's record and reverse the decline in recent years. after all, the Lakers have never won a record 50 per cent in the past five seasons, with fewer than 30 games in nearly four seasons and almost every year at the bottom of the league.  At the same time, Bauer has to stand up and play with his attention to lead the Lakers out of trouble.  And that's what the Lakers are happy to see.