Disharmony Paul drew league roars harden to harden this is goo

  •  Beijing time on August 8, according to " hoopshype" reported that the Houston rockets in the summer of reinforcement, introduced Chris - Paul, many people think James - harden and Paul can not coexist.  Recently, in the amateur league, the two people seem to have appeared some disharmonious scenes.  nba coins

     This summer, the rockets introduced super point guard Chris Paul.  But last season, harden's round occupancy league first, while Paul was seventh in the league, two at the same time in a team, ball weight enough?  That's why many people don't like the rockets, and they don't think Paul and harden can co - exist.  

     But the data analysis is dry, the field performance is persuasive.  In the drew league match in los Angeles, harden and Paul team, the performance of the two players seems to be a bit of a real people's prediction.  nba 2k18 buy mt


     In a defensive play, Paul yelled at harden with his last round of harden without a layup, while harden shrugged his shoulders and danced.  Paul seemed more agitated when he saw it, and he raised his hand and made some signs, and harden himself to move his way to Paul.  The last two hit the shoulder, and harden put an arm around Paul to defuse the incident.  mt points for sale

     From this lens, harden and Paul were two metres apart, harden towards Paul, and Paul, with his fingers on harden's face, didn't mean to hug him, until he got into a collision, and harden put his arm, but it was hard to say whether it was a hug, or harden to help avoid stumbling.  

     The response from American netizens was also enthusiastic.  " Paul's roar has begun to be effective," some netizens said. " Paul is like a good friend in the league of heroes. although he does, he always gets angry with him when he kaihei. ".  

     But also some netizens said: " if Paul roar makes harden to become more disciplined, then he will promote another level. ".  ”