Will the eastern first boss swap with Owen for September

  •  Beijing time on August 8, Celtic star isai ja - Thomas said in an interview that his hip is recovering well and is looking forward to returning from training camp in mid - September.  buy mt

     There has been talk of the exchange of little Thomas and Carey - Irving, which seems to be less convincing.  But in another interview today, former Cavaliers general manager David Griffin said Owen's favorite home is the Celtics in the column.  Little Thomas is only concerned about his health and has not responded to the rumors of the swap.  mt for sale nba 2k18

     " my right hip is good, and although it is still recovering, everything is going in the right direction.  The process of recovery is slow, but this is the case at present.  " Thomas said in an interview today. ".  

     Small Thomas right in this year playoffs Against Cleveland knight Team Shi, because hip hip joint acetabulum cavitas Lip damage, announced oneself Season apply for reimbursement.  His old injury was aggravated by the Cavaliers' series two games, and Thomas had to choose to leave the game.  nba 2k18 ps4 coins

     Although it is possible to choose the way of surgery, little Thomas and his team chose conservative treatment.  He is also active in training, to maintain his competitive state, to prepare for training camp.  

     " this is my plan, and I'm going to be ready before the training camp.  I want to start to go to the gym, practice shooting, strength and do aerobics.  Because I have been resting for two and a half months since the end of the season.  I'm trying, this week will be a new start.  Little Thomas said to the reporters.  

     Thomas played 76 games on behalf of the Celtics last season, averaging 28.9 points and 5.9 assists, and he was selected for the second time in a row, also in the NBA's second team.  Although the Boston Celtics in the eastern final 1 - 4 are not against Cleveland Cavaliers, but the position of the top of the regular season in the east, it is not easy to earn.  

     The current Celtics are more powerful than they were last season, ushering in new aid for Gordon Hayward and young star Jason Tartu.  With the current Cavs team problems, little Thomas led the Celtics in the new season, will continue to threaten the Cavaliers' eastern boss status.  

     Of course, Boston wants to dominate in the east, and Thomas's health is important.  He is the engine of the whole team and the fuse for the team at the offensive end.  Look forward to his performance in the new season!