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  •  Beijing time on August 8, according to us media reports, the previous news that the Kerry - Owen's most wanted to go to the four teams are: spurs, Minnesota, Knicks and heat.  But according to David Griffin, the former Cavs general manager, Owen's most wanted team also included the Cavs in the east, the number one rival Celtic.  2k mt

     Today, David Griffin is a guest on the jump.  It should be his first interview since he left the Cavaliers, and Owen's request for a deal is a natural subject.  

     After the revelation of Owen's desire to leave the Cavaliers, there are reports that Owen has sent four of his most wanted teams to the Cavaliers: the spurs, the timberwolves, the Knicks and the heat.  But according to David Griffin, the Celtics are also the team that Owen wants to join.  nba 2k18 coins buy

     " the team he wants to go has included some very good coaches, such as Brad Stevens and Greg Gregg Popovich.  " said Griffin.  

     In the opinion of the world, Owen wanted to leave the Cavs because he wanted to get rid of James and become the boss, even in a bad team, but Griffin didn't think so.  

     " I say again, the team he wants to go to, the Celtics have Gordon - Hayward, the spurs have a test - Leonard, so he's not trying to lead a bunch of mob.  " said Griffin.  cheap nba 2k coins

     In fact, since Owen's request for a deal, the Celtics are also interested in getting the all - star point guard, and Danny - Angie can take a very attractive chip.  But the question is: are the Cavaliers willing to send Owen to their biggest competitor in the east?