NBA2K18 player ability to introduce

  • "NBA2K18" With the commercial film shooting, the official also released the ability of some players data, presumably we must be very interested in today Xiaobian brought "ESPN post commentators" to share the "NBA2K18" part of the player ability Value of the introduction, nonsense not much, we look at the following.

    Kevin Durant 96

    Stephen Curry 94

    Carl - Anthony Downs 91

    Paul George 91

    Kerry Owen 90

    Damien Lillard 89

    Isiah Thomas 89

    De Mar de Rozan 89

    Devin Booker 86

    Joel Ebide 86

    Dwight Howard 81

    Mark Fulz 80

    Langzo Bauer 80

    De Angelo Russell 80

    Nick Young 74

    "NBA2K18" how to buy? Steam platform has opened the pre-order activities, we only need a few s2k mt

    imple steps to operate, you can add it to their own game library, nonsense, the following Xiaobian bring "NBA2K18" Steam pre-order tutorial and the difference between the different versions , Come together to see itbuy mt

    1, first download steam and install the client, after the account registration, and then through the upper right corner of the search bar search mt

    2, see the version, add it to the shopping cart, choose to buy for their own, then jump to the payment page.