FIFA17 D1 segment play experience sharing

  • FIFA17 a lot of players hard to hit the D1 league segment, but in the D1 section of the obvious feeling to play up a bit powerless, and today Xiaobian for everyone to bring the players to share the D1 league segment tour experience experience sharing skills, Interested players may wish to look at itcheap fifa 18 coins

    Ut I mainly use 433 433-4 more

    First talk about a few individuals that practical actionfut 18 coins

    1. pendulum (can not be used as the same as 16 as a change in direction than the direct turn quickly)fifa 18 ps4 coins

    2. Ma Sai rotation is very practical rate of fast and hard this small than the mirror lake turned practical (mirror lake is easy to hit the body as long as the maintenance of a step basically do not panic)

    3. Mirror Lake turns

    4. stop the ball in situ false shot pull the ball false shot also need a little hand speed (sudden inside the restricted area is very useful if you often do not meet the anti-will not work the ordinary false shot 16 easy to use even 17 ... ...)

    5. The ball for the restricted area 1 on the 1 when the useful because many people only with the people in the restricted area and not dare to grab and grab

    6.L2 R1 single by a large degree of disguise 17 greatly weakened ... the other guard easy to keep up with the ... ... 16 God skills (the utility is not high)

    As for the ball ... ... no comment never guarding the ball ... ...

    Here to talk about play

    1. first to maintain the mentality of the reversal of many times ... ... do not lag behind the urgent or retreat ... ... before d1 20 minutes behind 3 last 6: 3 reversal

    2. more attention to the ball good do not often a tendon ball your teammates can not keep up with you will be anti-no one can be passed on was broken

    3. defender cm not too much in-depth to keep the ball to maintain the formation of these two positions for the defense is critical if the ball is too much in-depth was robbed of the main hit you steals the ball back is easy tragedy ... ... especially as a pass Fulcrum and long-range point can be occasionally ai will let him into the restricted area (absolute opportunity) do not let him blindly channeling (L1)

    4. To deceive the opponent line, for example, you see Zhisai route you pass it is easy to be broken (because you see the other side of the route also see that empty) This is the 17 most attention to the point of passing is very important!

    Say it again

    The center is very critical to have a body shot can do the ball as a fulcrum (the best attitude is high and high easy to retrace)

    The best side of the 4-star fake action is very useful ... ... when you can not pass the time when the individual blasting is essential occasionally sm can let you disrupt the opponent

    The front waist must be flexible to have long-range and pre-inserted capacity (such as Kutiniao Eriksson)

    Chadley is not very good to do the blue card feel very hard

    Two cm is best not to attack the mentality of their high defense for the key, especially 433-4 cm like plug

    The central defender first look at the model 17 big defensive area of ‚Äč‚Äčlarge speed of 70 or more can be too slow really not