nba2K17 new features

  • 1. Limited time locker, redemption code to send the course is the basketball, decoration or special clothing, through the game-related activities can find the exchange code.2k mt

    2. Mobile client face scan.

    3.MT mode of ordinary free agent card will have a period of use. This feature is to learn Fifa to attract players, send some strong similar to the card to the player. The regular version of the 90 George, Gold version of the 99 Kobe Bryant, the legendary gold version of the 99 Jordan, should be practical for several games will be mt

    4.MC basically identified as the story mode, with 16 mode almost, but the story and how long will be different.

    5. Can customize the team directly play the playoffs. Start today, that is, you start the game can choose the day list, the ability to carry out.2k18 coins

    6. Connect to one, such as the Start today game to Christmas, and your mg mode can start from the day of Christmas without starting from the first day.

    7. Buy a regular version will have a dream team, as well as Paul George's US team uniforms. Gold Edition and Legendary Gold Edition to send a dream team and Kobe Bryant national team uniforms. The other three versions will send the United States national team any generation of mt card.

    8. This year mc players modeling and plus the ability to more complex.