Q038A- Kevin Ziomek Detroit Tigers Pitch

  • Kevin Ziomek carved up Midwest League hitters in his first full profe sional season. In 123 innings at West Michigan, the 22-year-old left-hander logged a couple.27 ERA and an 11.1 K/9. His top-flight numbers notwithstanding, he created surprisingly little buzz.

    The Detroit Tigers took Ziomek in the second round of the 2013 draft from Vanderbilt University, which helps explain the paucity of plaudits. Whenever a high-round select from a high-profile college program excels in Low-A, the reaction is typically Thats what he was likely to do. Lets see what he does in the next stage.

    Despite his dominance, Ziomeks opportunity to pa s that next Salomon Speedcross 3 Hombre test wont come until next season. (Tigers farm director Reid Nichols gave a non-specific answer after i asked why Ziomek wasnt promoted.) One po sible reason was an opportunity to spent the entire summer working underneath the tutelage of Whitecaps pitching coach Mike Henneman.

    Ziomek, whomBaseball America ranks as Detroits second-best pitching prospect, discu sed his under-the-radar 2014 performance after the growing season.


    Ziomek on his high strikeout rate:Making pitches at the start of the count can put you in position to strike people out. What (the Tigers) want is for us to get people out early in the count. Then, when we reach that two-strike count, we can try to get that strikeout. Every pitcher I dont care who you are loves to get strikeouts.

    Guys coming out of the college game have a tendency to throw lots of pitches that are unnece sary. Keeping my pitch count down is one Salomon Speedcross 3 Mujer thing I improved on over the course of the entire year. I threw first-pitch strikes and got ahead, and for that reason my strikeout numbers increased. In ways, I got more strikeouts since i wasnt attempting to strike people out.

    On his fastball-slider combination: I throw both a four- and a two-seamer. I actually do an excellent job of getting the ball inside to righthanders, and that i throw a four-seam for your. Ill throw a two-seamer after i wish to run the ball from the plate away from a right-hander.

    I gue s I ran (my fastball) up to 94, however i was mostly around 90. Nothing too crazy. I just attempt to locate and come back with my slider when theyre not expecting it. My slider is going to be around 75 when I want to Salomon Speedcross 4 Hombre throw it for a strike at the start of the count, and often Ill run it up nearer to 80 for a strikeout later within the count. My slider is most likely my biggest strikeout pitch.

    On his curveball and changeup: My curveball is fairly slow. I a lot like to mix it at the begining of in the count and its probably around 70-72 mph. I personally use it to provide hitters another look. I dont throw many times, it, but its good to have something extra to exhibit the hitter.

    My changeup is around 78-80 and its the pitch Im focusing on probably the most now. In the past, I was predominantly a fastball-slider guy. Here, working with coach Henneman, weve really started attempting to develop my changeup. As I progre s the amount, its going to be Salomon Speedcross 3 CS Mujer a big pitch for me personally, especially as a lefty. You dont see a lot of big-league left-handed starters who dont po se s a halfway decent changeup.

    On dealing with Mike Henneman:I like referring to the mental method of pitching with coach Henneman. Hes big ongoing available and merely competing knowing your stuff is good enough to beat anybody if you locate the ball well. Should you execute pitches, youre going to be able to get guys out.

    Hes also solved the problem out a lot with pitch sequencing. We talk about that quite a bit. Some guys type of just go out there and to s the ball I had been kind of like that previously but hes taught me a great deal about when you should throw a particular pitch and the way to outsmart hitters. What I learned from him really helped me take off within the other half.

    I like speaking with our coaches, because theyve been through it and understand how things work. Coach Henneman pitched within the big leagues for some time. A.J. (Sager), our pitching coordinator, and Mike Maroth also pitched in Salomon Speedcross 4 Mujer the big leagues and therefore are great resources. I additionally like speaking with a few of the hitters. Theyll tell me what pitchers prefer to throw them in a few counts, and that i can learn from that. When you're able to this level, its le s about mechanics, but more understanding the mental side of the game.

    On mechanical adjustments and never speeding up: Theres been nothing crazy, just attempting to keep things slow. I type of tend to rush through my delivery a bit. Sometimes I get a little excited available. Coach Henneman has pointed that out to me. Ill be rushing Salomon Speedcross 3 Hombre , maybe in tighter situations or early in the sport. Ill be a little more jacked up, therefore we focus on me staying slow and keeping things simple.

    Ive always been this way. I recieve pretty excited when I get out there around the mound, and so i also have to consider another before I create a pitch. I take that deep breath. I gue s I simply like to pitch so much which i get thrilled.