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  •  Grading the biggest offseason signings so farThis amazing sum and commitment is also why Westbrook delaying or even refusing to sign his Designated Veteran extension should be concerning to the Thunder. He cannot get that contract anywhere else and certainly cannot come close to locking in that kind of money this  at Madden NFL 18 Coins offseason. The reigning


    MVP reaches ten years of NBA experience and the 35 percent maximum next summer, but only his team at the end of that season can offer a five-year contract and the higher eight percent raises using full Bird rights, the exact contract on the table now.The potential of Westbrook leaving as an unrestricted free agent in Madden mobile cheap coins 2018 is even more daunting considering


     Oklahoma City recently lost an MVP without receiving any compensation a year ago when Kevin Durant spurned the Thunder to join the Warriors. While it could be enveloped in more acceptable language, a refusal to sign the Designated Veteran extension this offseason (it has to be agreed to before the start of the regular season) would put GM Sam Presti and ownership in an unenviable position of either trading the beloved


    MVP or risking another crushing heartbreak.Westbrook’s situation also has a massive effect on 2018 free agency, as teams will know if he does not agree to the extension that he may be available. The Lakers have been fastidiously preparing to have the space to add two max players and would love the shot to recruit a megastar who grew up in the area. Other teams could manage their finances differently as well, and of course the


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