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  •  Which graced us with one of the best memes of the Madden Mobile Coins Olympics: Phelps face. Perhaps the most intriguing of all the streaks that ended this year was how many college Madden NFL teams broke ten-year-plus histories of losing. Washington beat Oregon for the first time in 12 years, Tennessee beat Florida for first time in 12 years, and Army beat Navy for the first time in 14 years


    More notable streaks: As already discussed, the Cubs finally stopped being lovable losers and Cleveland’s championship drought came to and end thanks to the Cavs. But some dynasties only at Cheap Mobile Madden Coins grew stronger: UConn’s women basketball took home the NCAA title for the fourth year in a row. The Olympics were rife with continued records, as well:


    Michael Phelps couldn’t not win when he got into the pool, and Katie Ledecky and Simone Biles were basically unstoppable in Rio. Kobe Bryant: Kobe went on the longest and arguably most self-indulgent retirement tour known to mankind. But at least we all got some dramatic mercials out of it. Tim Duncan: The fashion icon (see below) faded away in an announcement as humble as Kobe’s entire season was flashy.


    USA TODAY Sports David Ortiz: Oh Big Papi, your fuckin’ city already misses you. Maybe it’s just because I’m from Boston, but I do harbor secret hope — that is not backed by objective reasoning — that maybe Ortiz will e back. The Sox just got Chris Sale, right, so the team appears to be in “we should probably win right now” mode. And Papi was hitting really well at the end of the season. I’m just sayin’....Kevin Garnett:


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