Ferdinand in the summer of Madden 18 Coins

  • Ferdinand suggested that he  will bid farewell to Madden Mobile Coins his career this summer. "I may go to the radio to work, I have done a lot of football reports with the British telecommunications company, they are willing to give me a contract.I may go there and work with them for a few years.If you have the opportunity, when the coach is also good, but "I will do a lot of things, I have harvested a lot of things, such as No. 5 magazine and my hats and clothes and other brands, etc."


     35-year-old Ferdinand in the summer of Madden 18 Coins 2002 Joined the old Trafford, has so far on behalf of Manchester United played 451 events, scored 8 goals to help the team won six Premier League titles, three league Cup champion, five community shield champion, a Champions League and 1 Second World Cup championship and other 15 championship trophy. British media "Mirror" news,


    Manchester United acquisition of Tony - Cross and new progress, coach Moyes is willing to invest 40 million pounds to buy German genius, if the deal can be implemented in the summer, then Tony - Cross will go beyond Mata , Became the history of Manchester United king. 24-year-old Tony - Cross is Manchester United coach Moyes eager to get the player, he is Bayern Munich youth training system trained players,


    had leased in Leverkusen played for maddenvip some time, on behalf of the German team participated in the 2010 The World Cup in South Africa and the 2012 European Cup. This season, Bayern Munich coaching change, Tony - Cross lost the main position, in the Guardiola hands into a rotation player. Can not get coach Guardiola trust, coupled with less playing time, Tony - Cross's competitive state has declined, the tournament 42 games only contributed 3 goals assists 11 times. British media