Check out The List Of Error Codes Along With Their Meaning

  • Sometimes you have to face unwanted Roku error codes on your Roku platform. Check out the list of error codes along with their meaning and solutions.

    All the Roku users, how is it going with your fine streaming device? Roku has become a big name in the lineup of all the available streaming devices in the market. By rendering the bunch of best features and services, Roku has been able to place itself as the leading choice of all the global users. Still, if you are a new starter with the device, then you can head to Roku Com Link to get the link for finally activating your Roku account. 

    Apart from the features, services, and functions, the most appealing thing about the Roku device is its ultimate treasure of content. The Roku library holds up different sections which render the endless number of channels on your big screen.

    While streaming, there are instances where you have to face the different Rou error codes, which makes the streaming experience quite annoying. This is the reason we have come up with the different error codes along with their meaning and solutions.


    1) 1011 - You may get this error when you try out to sign in with the details of your account that don’t exist at all. 

    Solution - If you do not have any account, then head to to get the set up an account. If this is the case, then do re-check the details and then try out again.

    2)2001 - When you enter incorrect sign in details, then you have to face this error on your big screen.

    Solution - The best solution to this error is just re trying entering the correct details and also remembering the case sensitive thing.

    3)2004  - Whenever the time of the session gets completed, you get this error on your device screen.

    Solution - Head on to restart the NOW TV app by just pressing the back button till you reach the home screen and then just launch the app again. 

    4)2005 - When the sign in details is incorrect, you will have to face this error on your screen. The solution of this error is similar to the 2001 (error code) solution.

    5)4010 - When you head to enter the incorrect voucher code, you will have to face this error on your screen. To resolve it, just head to re-enter the voucher code, and if the problem remains the same, you can head to the team of experts for better assistance.

    6)6002 - When you reach the limit of registering the maximum number of devices, you will get this error on the screen. To solve it, just head to to remove the device and then try again to watch a sport or a movie on the NOW TV box to register easily.

    7)6003 - The reason of this error is similar to the error 6002, which can be solved by continuing the existing devices till the following month.

    8)6006- When you head to link to NOWTV in a region which doesn't get the support, then you face this error. For resolving it, just make sure that you are accessing the NOW TV box within the UK or you will have to face this message. 

    9)10011 - When you enter an incorrect PIN, then you get this error on your screen. The simple solution to this error is just to check out the PIN details and then re-enter it correctly.

    10)10020 - This error signifies that you have not finished the complete registration process or the validity of the payment card is finished. For solving the error, just head to and then play a sport or movie to continue the whole registration. 

    Apart from these errors, if you get any other error, you can head to www Support Roku Com to get the professional assistance and solutions.

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