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  • Thanks to the outstanding CPU performance wow gold of Ivy Bridge, the Core i73770K will be great to build a highperformance productivity machine that handles all desktop and media playback tasks easily using integrated graphics. Casual gaming at low resolution, low details might be ok too, but everybody who calls himself "gamer" should really look at a discrete graphics card. Combining the awesome CPU power of the 3770K with a gamerclass AMD or NVIDIA card will give you a much better gaming experience than relying on the low performance of the Intel HD Graphics 4000. Gamers on a tight budget should not blow all their money on a fast processor alone. It might be better to consider a more affordable processor like the i52310 and pair it with a Radeon HD 6870 (both are currently price/performance kings) so they end up with a balanced system that can handle most games at decent settings.

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    In all seriousness, this expansion looks to add quite a few fun, new features. A challenge mode that adds a time limit to dungeons, which bases the rewards on how quickly you complete it. A pet battle system which allows you to pit your pets against your friends and foes pets. A new and improved talent calculator, scenarios, and new zones to explore. It also features a new level cap of 90, and new class abilities.

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